The Nation's Medical Records People for Over 4 Decades.

Retrieve medical records

at any facility worldwide in the most

efficient, complete, and cost-effective manner. 

TYPES OF RECORDS:  MRI retrieves any record that requires an authorization. Records include:  medical, dental, pharmacy, x-rays/MRIs, billing, employment, insurance, SSA, Tax, W/C, credit card, bank/financial, and cell phone.

  • Mass Tort, Products Liability, MDL & Class Action retrieval solutions
  • Certified copies
  • Personal customer service - you are assigned a personal retrieval coordinator as your main contact.  We do not have call centers.
  • Make one payment for all your records
  • Records available on CD, via email or online document repository

NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS TO YOU: Our invoice is a pass-through cost recoverable at the conclusion of your case.

Multiple, flexible case cost FINANCING options available through Civil Action Finance, Ltd.


  • Off your desk and onto ours just like that!
  • Free up paralegal and secretary time to complete other more important tasks!
  • Eliminate non-billable time.

*Note that facilities require a signed medical release form before allowing access to confidential medical records. An ORIGINAL release may be required. Mail or FEDEX the original to us. If copies are acceptable, please fax or send a scanned image via email.

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